Adventures in moving cross country- Volume 1

In June, 2018 the Brains family will be relocating from Eugene, Oregon to Lansing, Michigan.   There are many reasons that led to this decision that we made last summer:
-James has a lot of family and friends out there -Michigan summers are beautiful and full of lightening bugs and thunderstorms -I'm eager to try living somewhere else, I've been in Oregon my whole life and am ready for a new scene -Lansing, Michigan is centrally located and we can go so many more places for a weekend or even just a day trip (here we come, Canada!) -The housing market in Oregon is cuckoo bananas and we can actually afford to own a home in Michigan 
There are plenty of other things that we kept in mind, but that final reason, the cheap as dirt houses, was a HUGE thing.  
Initially, we had an idea that we were going to get a reasonable sized house, that was move in ready and with the paltry pre-approval we qualified for, we could get a really nice place. But our friend, and James' "Derb…

Adventures in moving cross country- Volume 6

After visiting the house for the first time, with all the sleep deprived joy and horror that it entailed- it was time to hang out in Michigan during the winter. 

We'd visited Michigan a few times, but always during the summer.  I fell in love with the thunder storms, lightening bugs and lush greenery.  James always said that we weren't allowed to move there until I had visited during the harsh winter- so this trip was a great opportunity to check that box.

Fireflies are basically magic, duh.
So we set about exploring the awesome things about Michigan, like furniture stores! Seriously though, Grand Rapids, MI was at one point considered "The Furniture Capital of the World"!  Sure, there are IKEAs everywhere, but there's a place called Design Quest, a Danish furniture store that was full of amazing pieces that were definitely outside of any budget we will have in the near future.

But how freaking Hygge would our living room be with this set?!
We also visited Art Van

Adventures in moving cross country- Volume 5: This House has Issues

So we've seen plenty of lovely features in the house- but there are more than enough projects in this house.  Lets take a look at some of the issues:

 From the burnt orange drop ceiling to the complete lack of it- we're looking up to the second floor where the bathroom should be. 
Here is the same place from the 2nd floor looking down.  We may keep this aspect because it made it super easy to talk to someone on the other floor!
 The secret stairs are so cool as an idea, but in reality they aren't in good condition, there's no lighting and you might die if you try to traverse them.
Also, this is apparently where the laundry dryer was vented to. 
 The master bedroom has a mix of terrible carpet, drop ceiling and tarp.  The water damage from the 3rd floor shower is extensive.
Definitely a haunted shower.
 James' office also has some light water damage from the 3rd floor kitchen sink.
Yeah, there's a leak here somewhere.
There's also this unexplained hole in hi…

Adventures in moving cross country- Volume 4: My Favorite Things

There is so much about this house that I absolutely LOVE!   Here are some of them:

The slightly crooked house number and the beautiful face of the house.
 These columns.  There are a total of 4 sets.
 The beams that connect the columns. And this leftover hotel furniture.
 These inset shelves framing a fireplace in our living room.  Gold 3' radiators!
 These wooden details on the stairs that soften the edges.
 These built in cabinets that have fold away glass panels in the middle.
 "Secret" stairs aka servant stairs.
 This well lit landing that is begging for a comfy chair and a good book.
 More built in shelves in my future office/craft room and another gold radiator.  <3
 These awesome detailed windows in the front facing rooms.
 This doorknob.
 These stenciled stairs to the third floor.
 Such a sweet little detail.
 These vaulted ceilings on the third floor.