Adventures in moving cross country- Volume 1 : We're Moving!

In June, 2018 the Brains family will be relocating from Eugene, Oregon to Lansing, Michigan.   There are many reasons that led to this decision that we made last summer:
-James has a lot of family and friends out there -Michigan summers are beautiful and full of lightening bugs and thunderstorms -I'm eager to try living somewhere else, I've been in Oregon my whole life and am ready for a new scene -Lansing, Michigan is centrally located and we can go so many more places for a weekend or even just a day trip (here we come, Canada!) -The housing market in Oregon is cuckoo bananas and we can actually afford to own a home in Michigan 
There are plenty of other things that we kept in mind, but that final reason, the cheap as dirt houses, was a HUGE thing.  
Initially, we had an idea that we were going to get a reasonable sized house, that was move in ready and with the paltry pre-approval we qualified for, we could get a really nice place. But our friend, and James' "Derb…

Adventures in moving cross country- Volume 19: The end times are near! aka The appraisal is in a week!

Oh my dear sweet goodness! I have so much to share and so little time to actually sit down and share it!

The appraisal is in a week. And I'm sure I haven't been as clear as I could be about how it came to be that we have a LOT to do before that happens.

When we originally made the plan to have AO purchase the house, and our friends in Lansing do the work, we ironed out a budget that made sense for all parties. We would get the house for the amount we could afford, AO would get somewhere definitive to live (and a year of free rent) with folks she could stand for the most part and our house flipping friends would get the profit margin they needed to be sustainable.

Apparently the whole budget thing, when it comes to renovations- especially on super old houses, is pretty much a pretty little pipe dream that renovators tell themselves will be something they can actually adhere to before a project begins.

We will return this to its original glory!
By creating a gigantic blow up of th…

Adventures in moving cross country- Volume 18: House Pictures (I promise)

I’ve been a real jerk, haven’t I? I told everyone when I moved I would regularly update my blog and post a ton of pictures about the house and I just talked about the trip and my first week here and then...nothing.

Good news! I am still alive, and so is the rest of my family! (This really is a miracle)


We have had quite the past month and a half- living, working and sleeping in a one bedroom apartment was overwhelming and difficult for a lot of the time, but also a chance for us to really get out of some of the ruts that we were in before we moved.

But I'm not writing about all that- you guys have heard enough about our living experiences, you want pictures of how this freakin' house is shaping up!!!! Let's get to it!

First, let's look at the evolution of a kitchen where there was not one before:

Maybe instead of a kitchen, we just have the holey wall room?
The cabinets escaped their boxes and are starting to organize!
I might have ho…