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Banishing Guilt

This past year has brought up a lot of intense emotions. Of course there's been a lot of joy from finally being a hoMEOWner, and making new friends and exploring the new opportunities that we have. There's  also a ton of anxiety related to moving your family across country- who'da thunk it?  With the stress of living in a construction zone for months longer than anticipated, having to figure out a brand new job and the obvious soul crushing amount of things that need to be figured out for the kids (schools, doctors, dentists, clothing, not killing them, etc.) there was a mountain of pressure on us. Add to that the pressure of choosing from the selection of shredded cheeses in a midwest grocery store! I'm absolutely unashamed to have sought help from a counselor on a regular basis throughout difficult times in my adult life- and if ever I needed one, it was during this time. It was good to have someone who validated my feels and tried to help me come up with str