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Adventures in moving cross country- Volume 10.1 : What about the children?!

Making such a big move with a 4 person family definitely has a lot of moving pieces. A lot of them are physical; the house, all of our possessions, the actual moving process, etc. Then there are the financial pieces; my employment, the mortgage, selling our belongings and figuring out how to fund the move itself. Finally, there are all the pieces that are emotional. There is a lot of excitement in our family to move. We are looking forward to all the new opportunities and adventures that await us. We are also very sad to be leaving a community that we've cultivated for so long. There's a lot of stuff still up in the air, which can be really anxiety inducing. Then there's the stuff that's just plain hard and painful, like slogging through the mortgage process, purging all of our stuff and worrying about how this will effect our kids. Won't somebody please think about the children!?  When it comes to Bucky, our 4 year old, he kind of gets it and is pure excite

Adventures in moving cross country- Volume 10: Long Goodbyes

Planning for a move a year in advance has had a lot of benefits. We have had a chance to figure out exactly where we want to live. We have found a house that is perfect for us, but needed some work and we've had the time to get all of that lined up. Tying up loose ends at my work has been great. You can read more about the steps I've been able to take in my LinkdIn article: Training Your Successor . And we've been able to plan out a lot of stuff regarding what we're taking and what we're getting rid of and what we need to do before we go. We'll definitely bring these things. One thing that we've really been trying to do is spend as much time with our friends as we can, as we can't take them with us. This has given us a lot of good times with friends, doing game nights, dinner parties, living room karaoke and hot tub soaks. This has created some really special memories with some really special people.  This particular evening ended up