Adventures in moving cross country- Volume 20: Closing all the chapters

Well, we did it, we finally were able to close on the house on Halloween!

Of course we had to do it in full costume! (Rainbow Brite & Rainbow Dark)

This past month has been a crazy mix of intense moments and we are definitely lucky to have good counseling benefits with our insurance! We did a TON of work to get the house ready for the appraisal. The first appraisal went super well and then I had my first trip back to Oregon for work 2 days later.

When I got back, it was discovered that we needed a second appraisal- just due to the house being sold for so much more than the last time it was purchased. That also went well, but we ended up having to add railings to every staircase inside (although I did try to reason that we really didn't need them as we liked falling down stairs ever so often.)

Finally, everything lined up and we got the details worked out for a closing.

Truthfully- if I had known how long this would end up taking and what kind of emotional toll it would take on me and my family over the course of it- I'm not sure that I would opt to go the route we did. No regerts though!  We have a giant house and are finally able to settle in to it. In the long run, we have a lot of opportunities to create an amazing home and utilize the empty adjoining lot to create an awesome addition to our neighborhood.

We are so grateful to all of the people included in this deal (you all know who you are!) and for the opportunity to go on this wild ride together. The amount of work that went into turning this run down old house into the home that it is today was phenomenal and it's inspiring to see what a dedicated group of individuals can do.

Ok- here are some pics of the final product!

First the Outside:

Then the 1st Floor: 

2nd Floor:

And the 3rd Floor: 

There are still a million little projects to do like creating shelves in a pantry, painting a bunch of walls, etc. but overall, it's amazing that the house is where it is after where it started from. We are happily ignoring our closet full of project supplies as we can finally unpack some boxes and actually just live here. 

We should also make some shelves for this closet.

Now that we're done with the move officially, I look forward to move on to blogging about other things. Please comment if you want more info about any of the pics above or if there's a part of the house you were really hoping to see more of!  

Wish me luck as I try venture into my new identity of "homeowner" vs. "squatter in a construction zone"! 


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