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Aspirations in the New Year

Every year, I try to resist the temptation to make promises about how I'm going to make huge sweeping life changes. It seems inevitable that I will just break all of those promises and then suffer from yet more things to feel guilty about. Usually I just make some generalized aspirations so that I don't have any specific things to feel like I've failed at. This past year, however, has been a lot rougher than anticipated, and with the move behind us and so many new opportunities and possibilities ahead, it has been a little harder to not try to turn over a new leaf. With all that said, here are the aspirations I've made for 2019: I want to be present. My ADHD brain will definitely try to fight me on this one. I have been building up my meditation and journaling habits and am going to continue down that road. Having a cell phone (or two) on me at all times is also a hurdle and in the past I've had success in keeping them stowed, I just need to remember to do so.