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Adventures in moving cross country- Volume 12: Securing a Remote Position

This post is going to be a long one because it's been awhile in the making!  (TL;DR Working remote now, pics at the end of the words.) Originally, when we had came up with the plan to move cross country, I was of the mind that I would just be irresponsible and cash out my 401k and take a few months off of work. You know, just hang out and take pictures of my feet a lot. The harsh reality of life set in when I had the conversation with my Mortgage Loan Officer in which I was informed that James couldn't be on the mortgage as he was self-employed, and in order to be approved, I'd have to have proof that I would still be making a comparable salary upon my move. Upon actually seeing the house and the amount of work that needed to be done, like a whole new furnace, the reality became that much clearer that I would need to secure myself some work sooner than later. There are plenty of Credit Union jobs in Lansing. I have the skills and experience to get something in t