Adventures in moving cross country- Volume 5: This House has Issues

So we've seen plenty of lovely features in the house- but there are more than enough projects in this house.  Lets take a look at some of the issues:

 From the burnt orange drop ceiling to the complete lack of it- we're looking up to the second floor where the bathroom should be. 

Here is the same place from the 2nd floor looking down.  We may keep this aspect because it made it super easy to talk to someone on the other floor!

 The secret stairs are so cool as an idea, but in reality they aren't in good condition, there's no lighting and you might die if you try to traverse them.

Also, this is apparently where the laundry dryer was vented to. 

 The master bedroom has a mix of terrible carpet, drop ceiling and tarp.  The water damage from the 3rd floor shower is extensive.

Definitely a haunted shower.

 James' office also has some light water damage from the 3rd floor kitchen sink.

Yeah, there's a leak here somewhere.

There's also this unexplained hole in his office.  But this pink wall is EVERYTHING!

 there's all these hook-ups for laundry in the hallway to the soon to be kitchen. 

Two sets of hook-ups, but only space for tiny machines.

 My future office needs at least a little work on the flooring.

 And this hideous faux brick wall.

And then there's this water damage from some leakage around the chimney.

This door on the 3rd floor goes to nowhere.

This wall behind the furniture that bisects a beautiful beam of wood and leaves one set of columns randomly in the hallway, all alone.

This deck off the kitchen that has no stairs to the ground and also looks like someone had a little too much fun trying to BBQ the siding.

And then of course, there is the Murder Pantry.

Not pictured: the asbestos covered boiler that needs to be replaced, located in a basement with a strange blackened toilet that has just a single panel wall for "privacy".  In the basement also resides 4 wooden cages that may have been intended for tenants to store extra belongings- but perhaps were also used to house victims prior to sacrifice. 

So the house has issues.  At first it was a lot overwhelming to look at them all.  But when you look at all the awesome parts of the house- there was still more than enough reason to keep pursuing this crazy adventure.  Even if our budget didn't allow for all the projects to be completed prior to moving in, we could get enough done to make it livable and then we could have fun figuring out how to get handy.   Not to mention how much fun it will be to do some zany stuff- like Twin Peaks inspired floors or moss wall hangings. 


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