Adventures in moving cross country- Volume 4: My Favorite Things

There is so much about this house that I absolutely LOVE!   Here are some of them:

The slightly crooked house number and the beautiful face of the house.

 These columns.  There are a total of 4 sets.

 The beams that connect the columns. And this leftover hotel furniture.


 These inset shelves framing a fireplace in our living room. 
Gold 3' radiators!

 These wooden details on the stairs that soften the edges.

 These built in cabinets that have fold away glass panels in the middle.

 "Secret" stairs aka servant stairs.

 This well lit landing that is begging for a comfy chair and a good book.

 More built in shelves in my future office/craft room and another gold radiator.  <3

 These awesome detailed windows in the front facing rooms.

 This doorknob.

 These stenciled stairs to the third floor.

 Such a sweet little detail.

 These vaulted ceilings on the third floor.

 This cool showplace for the wood stove & radiator. 

 These cool beams and light fixtures on the vaulted ceiling.

Fancy light fixtures.

 Strange cagey light fixtures.

A gigantor porch!

 Seriously huge stairs up to the main porch.

 Separate entrance for the future Unicorn Room.

 Look at that porch wrapping around.

 And around.

 And more stairs than you could ever hope for!

 So many stairs! So many exits!

One of my very favorite parts of the whole house is how much natural light there is in every single room. I also adore that there is enough space for each boy to have their own room, James and I to each have an office and then a shared master bedroom.  The fact that the third floor can be a self sufficient living space (Agent has laid dibs on the title "Attic Witch") gives us an opportunity for future rental opportunities as well as the space that we can easily turn into an Air BnB situation on the first floor. 

There's so much to love about this house!!!   Now- in an effort to be transparent and to share the anguish of the world alongside the good- I will give you the issues. 


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